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Plans for two

Posted on Tue Feb 11th, 2020 @ 6:28pm by Ensign Scott Davidson & Ensign Elena Petrov
Edited on on Tue Feb 11th, 2020 @ 6:32pm

Mission: S1, E2: Field Trip
Location: Quarters/mess hall
Timeline: MD004 1730 hrs

Elena has dressed carefully wanting to look good for Scott when he showed up. She smiled to herself wondering what he would think if he knew she changed four times.
She dabbed on some perfume and headed out to wait for him. Elena had it bad for Scott, she wished she was more like Megan or the others m. They went for what they wanted.

Scott walked up to the door, he saw her doors swished open. Clearly she was eager to see him. He was eager to see her as well. He had a big grin on his face as he handed her a rose. "Evening, am I late?" He asked, knowing he was not. He did not want to put her on the spot for trying to rush out the door to see him.

“No,” Elena smiled widely. “I was just looking forward to our evening together.” She smelled the rose and sighed. “Roses are my favorite, thank you!”

"My Pleasure." Scott said, with a big grin. "Where are we off too?" Scott asked. He was eager, to start the night off that Elena had planned out.

Elena’s eyes widened. She had forgotten to plan the evening out. “I thought we could go to dinner, everything the chef makes is always wonderful and then we could come back and watch a movie or maybe we could just take a walk.” It sounded lame. He was going to ditch her.

"I can not, I'm starving." Scott said, being a little nervous. He was eagerly looking forward to this night.

“I meant after dinner,” Elena said with a smile. “I am hungry too.” She has been too nervous to eat earlier.

"We can discuss that, while we walk." Scott said, with a big grin on his face. He was eager to get the night going.

Elena shut her door, bringing her rose with her. She didn’t want to leave it behind it was so beautiful. “I have a confession to make.”

"I hope its not a cancellation." Scott said, wondering what she was keeping from him. He hoped it was nothing bad.

Elena walked beside him. “No, not at all. The opposite. I was so excited and looking forward to spending time with you I forgot to plan our date.”

"Oh I have done that too before, not with dates. But with other things in life." Scott said, as he recalled a time in his head, when he forgot to plan for a fishing trip. And they ended up spending the morning digging up dirt, to find worms.

“That makes me feel better,” Elena said with a smile. “I felt kind of dumb when you asked what we were doing tonight but now I think it adds to not have a plan.”

Scott grinned as he started to head to the mess hall area with Elena. "Some of the best things life, when they are not planned." Scott pointed out to her. Deep down, he wondered what Alexis had prepared for dinner tonight?

“It smells really good in here,” Elena said with a smile. “I can’t quite decide what it is.” They got in line and she looked ahead. “It looks like wraps or hamburgers.

"I could use a really good burger, right now." Scott said, as he headed over the serving table with Elena by his side.

“I want a deluxe burger,” Elena said with a smile. “And some French fries. I haven’t had one in a while.”

"I want a gaucomole bacon cheese burger well done." Scott said, then he went on. "With potato chips and baked beans." Scott said, as Alexis served him up. He had a big grin on his face.

Elena followed him to a table and they sat down. “This is just what I wanted. Sometimes I think she reads our minds.”

"I'm not sure if that is a good thing, but if you ask my belly. It is." Scott said, as he followed her over to the table, and sat down with her.

Elena grinned. “Mine too! I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had a hamburger.” She took a bite of hers, it was so good she had to keep from eating it quickly.

"The brisket style hamburger is my favorite out of all of them." Scott suggested. The flavoring was mouthwatering good.

“I always go for the traditional,” Elena replied. “I need to branch out more. Next time she makes them I will try something different. It is good to change things up.”

"Brisket Burger has more flavor to it. I think you should try it." Scott suggested with a big grin on his face. "I think if you do, you would never go back to a regular burger."

“I can’t eat another one,” Elena said with a smile. “You’d have to carry me out of here!” She picked up one of her fries and ate it.

Scott looked at her funny. Picking her up was on his list, but not in the mess hall. He just smiled. "I might just do that." He simply responded.

Elena’s mind wandered to Scott carrying her a moment. Only they weren’t eating dinner it was at one of their quarters and Scott kissed her passionately and ... she blinked and saw him looking at her. “I think I am full.” She said with a smile.

Scott and Elena kept walking towards the. Mess hall. He noticed Elena went quiet. He wondered what she thinking. They made their way to the mess hall. "Penny for your thoughts?" He asked, as they headed towards the meal line.

“Ahhh,” Elena felt her face flush. “I was visioning you carrying me.” It was honest just not all of what she had been thinking about. She had it bad for him.

"In time my love, in time." Scott said, as they got served a plate of food.

“Still it is something to vision,” Elena said with a smile. “ she followed behind him. “I am hungry for pie, it is always which kind.”

"That's all your thinking about, me carrying you?" Scott asked her with a big grin on his face.

Elena smiled at him. “I didn’t tell you how that vision ended, you will have to find out for yourself.”

"I have a pretty good idea." Scott said with a come and kiss me, look on his face.

Elena moved closer to him, leaned in and kissed him slowly. She moved back and smiled. “That line up with what your thinking?”

"Perhaps it was." Scott said with a big grin on his face. He liked how close they had become. This was a big step for them.

Elena couldn’t believe she had kissed him. She had been shy around guys for so long but Scott was different. “What do you want to do once we’re done eating?”

"Dance the night away, go on a walk, I dunno care. As long as I am with you doing it." Scott said, with a big grin on his face.

Elena smiled widely. “That is how I feel too. I just want us to be together.” She looked at him. “I’m glad we both found courage.”

"Shall we?" Scott as he reached out his hand for her to hold. The scene starts to fade away.


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